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Musician, Improviser, Composer,Pianist, Electronics.


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Ifa y‍‍‍ Xango

An eclectic septet

Filipe Nader, Viktor Perdieus, Niels van Heertum, Sep François, Se‍‍‍ppe Gebruers, Laurens Smet and Ruben Pensaert

+ João Lobo, Bert ‍‍‍Cools and Ruben Machtelinckx


‍‍‍Ifa y Xango released its debut album 'Abraham' in 2012. The album is a 'stream of music' - still separate tracks which eventually flow together and tell one story - based on the films of Lars Von Trier and the paintings of Pieter Brueghel and Jeroen Bosch. Ifa y Xango made use of its own invented script and three compositions (by Seppe Gebruers) to structure their improvisations. 'Abraham' has recently been‍‍‍ selected by the distinguished jazz magazine 'New York City Jazz Record' (US), by praising and entitling the album to be one of the 'Best Debut Releases 2013'. It was considered a big success by the Belgian press as well:

‍‍‍"(...) Ifa y Xango succeeded in composing an album that combines a ceaseless creativity with the required anchoring structure. Its maturity is striki‍‍‍ng a‍‍‍nd so is the added witty architectural graph, serving as a visual reconstruction. Trite comments, such as 'Keep an eye out for them' does not suffice here, for Ifa Y Xango has already been delivering a very statement" (G. Peters, Enola)

The second album“twice left handed \\ ‍‍‍shavings” is inspired by the band's love for experimental electronic dance music, trance music and musique concrète.

"Ifa y Xango are clearly thinking well beyond the boundaries of what‍‍‍ is known and accepted within any given musical genre, be it jazz or rock or whatever. Monumentally trangressive, the music on Twice Left Handed / Shavings will delight some, and infuriate others. This album is easily one of the most adventurous, daring, and accomplished recordings of 2015."

Dave Wayn, All About Jazz, ***** (09/11/2015)

‍‍‍Bambi pang pang

Seppe Gebruer‍‍‍s‍‍‍

‍‍‍Laurens Smet‍‍‍

Vik‍‍‍tor Perdieus‍‍‍

feat. Andrew Cyrille

“The members of the group show how much a free jazz approach can bring to the art of the ballad. The music is cliché-free, melodic and emotional and can be enjoyed with both head and heart.”                       ‍‍‍                                      Jakob Baekgaard

“This is work of acute, sinuous sensitivity.” Tim Owen

‍‍‍Laurens Smet, Seppe Gebruers and Viktor Perdieus are members of the improvisation collective Troika vzw and the band ‘Ifa y Xango’.  In 2013, the three of them appeared at the yearly Jazz Middelheim festival in the company of Andrew Cyrille, a collaboration that worked so well that it led to this very album Drop your plans. And it's definitely an honor for the Belgians, as Cyrille was one of the musicians who, along with Sunny Murray, Milford Graves, Rashied Ali, Ed Blackwell and a handful of others, redefined the role of the drummer in modern jazz. He played with Cecil Taylor from the mid sixties until the mid seventies, with a young David S. Ware and David Murray in the seventies, appeared on a few of my favorite albums (John Carter's 'Castles Of Ghana' and Horace Tapscott's 'The Dark Tree') from the eighties/nineties, and is still keeping up this activity, still going strong with the respected Trio 3 and in many other contexts.‍‍‍



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A piano duo

Seppe Gebruers and Erik Vermeulen

Eric Thielemans and Marek Patrman

+ 2 drums

Antiduo, a piano duo with Seppe Gebruers and Erik Vermeulen, made its debut album public in 2013 (El Negocito Records) and is the result of several improvisation sessions - throughout two years - and reflection of a work in progress, including self-evaluation concerning musical techniques and meaning.

"Erik Vermeulen, counterpart of Seppe Gebruers in Antiduo, considers this album as 'one of his best in his career'. Not at all bad, since 'the recluse of the Belgian jazz' stands for challenging and intelligent playing on a high level. (...)" (F. Goossens, Focus Knack)

Antiduo extend the duo with the 2 percussionists Marek Patrman and Eric Thielemans.

This brand new project will be released in 2018.

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