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Troika is a collective of musicians who create space for adventurous music. A space wherein dogmas like musical genres are dismissed, and the music is treated as a   tabula rasa. Each musical experience has its own world and momentum. You can't separate them from its space, time, the listener’s mood and social context.

That is why they focus on the content of musical projects. What opportunities do they offer? What space do they need? What can be talked about? How do we stimulate creative listening? These essential questions are addressed in concert organization, conversations, projects and music albums.


Playing with standards
Seppe Gebruers plays with two pianos tuned a quartertone apart.

In his project 'Playing with Standards', he doesn't play the exact original songs but he plays with them.

In this recording he plays with ''When You Wish Upon a Star'', a song written by Leigh Harline for Walt Disney's 1940 adaptation of Pinocchio.

More info: here


Nils Vermeulen - Solo

‘In search for the acoustic possibilities of the double bass, Nils Vermeulen is doing research on extended techniques in contemporary classical music. Within this solo project, he composes etudes on specific techniques and combines this with the freedom of improvised music, making his way into the tone world.’