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Releasedate: 23/11/2018 on LP and CD

Seppe, Hugo and Paul is a quarter tone piano trio with a recorded album being released 23 november, 2018.

This exquisite trio featuring Seppe Gebruers on two pianos tuned a quartetone apart, Hugo Antunes on double bass and Paul Lovens on percussion, gathers three generations of European improvisers exploring microtonal music.

Confronting the tuning in western world music orthodoxy using two pianos tuned in different pitch, this group is far from being traditional. Exploring quarter tones increases the trio musical palette and creates new paths into improvisation which translates into a unique experience for the audience.

The Room:

Time &‍‍ Space

Seppe Gebruers

Hugo Antunes

Paul Lovens

"Five unedited improvisations" composed by‍‍

Seppe Gebruers; two grand pianos tuned a quartertone apart

Hugo Antunes; prepared and unprepared double bass

Paul Lovens; drumset with cymbals and gongs

Played on February 17th, 2016 at "kc nona", Mechelen, Belgium.

Download: Pers info The Room- Time & Space.pdf